Seven Reasons to Love a Dachshund

Queen Victoria said, "Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a dachshund." In recently reading that one specific dachshund won the Queen's affection, I cannot help but understand and relate to this notion as one special doxie girl has gained a forever home in my heart. If you are not a dachshund owner but are considering becoming one, this blog may be just for you! 

Daisy May came into our lives in the fall of 2021. As we began to understand more about the miniature dachshund breed and our sweet sausage girl, we began to see how truly amazing these dogs are! In sharing our list, we would love to hear your comments about your doxie babies in the comments below!


 Dachshund sitting in the grass


They are highly affectionate and very loving.

 A sausage dog will kiss or lick you over and again! They express pure joy and excitement when you enter the room with uncontrollable tail wagging. Although I am often telling my doxie-baby that I am not a celebrity but just her mama, she cannot seem to stop jumping with excitement! Each time, she gives her most effort to get close to me so we can trade hugs and kisses. But no complaints here! We never have to wonder where we stand with our Daisy May and I love that she is my number one fan! 


They are excellent companions.

Wherever we go, our little wiener-princess follows. A wiener dog follows you around the house and seemingly listens attentively to your words just as any true friend should! They make the best friends and keep you company even when it's time to get organized, do the laundry, or load the dishwasher. You will never do chores alone again!

A shirt saying Dog MamaBlanket with I Heart Dachshunds on it


They are loyal to their owners.

Wiener dogs tend to emotionally latch on and do not let go! A sausage dog tends to choose a 'favorite' human and make they attach to that person's side for life. Amazingly, our sweet doxie will sit and wait for us. It is believed that she is protecting and watching out for her number one humans as she patiently waits with her gaze set for our next move but let's face it, she could simply be waiting for her next treat!  


They just make you feel better.

Dachshunds tend to know when their human is feeling tense and otherwise not well. Daisy May will keep her little miniature body physically close during panic attacks; her presence alone is calming. If we need to talk about it, she uses those adorable ears while she hones in with excellent listening skills! Sausage babies are the best therapist ever. 


They cuddle yet love to play. 

Need we say more? Excellent lap dogs, dachshunds love to be held and petted as well. They will sit with you, demonstrating their affection with kisses! A doxin also loves to play for long periods as well; games like fetch, tug of war, and learning commands are Daisy's favorites! Another sweet doxin point is that they enjoy sleeping in their owners' beds and not at the foot either! A sausage dog wants to be tucked in and snuggled right beside you all night, skin to fur. Seriously. (And they don't complain if you snore!)


 Cute Red Dachshund


They are smart.

Our doxie girl is so familiar with and settled into her routine that she physically demonstrates that she knows what is coming next. She tends to anticipate daily routines, and her senses are spot on! Picking up new commands for the rewards of her favorite treats, our sausage baby has quickly learned the following commands: sit, stay, come, off, and no. These are just a few necessary cues that we have trained on, they do not cover the many daily interactions that she understands that make her our special doxin girl! More than instinct, dachshunds show such intelligence.


They are particular.

Where they sit, lay down, and sleep. If a dachshund welcomes someone into their home/den and who they play with. Who they kiss, cuddle to, and who they trust. Who they love. In cherishing these attributes in my Daisy May, we have grown to appreciate the value of her being selective because it is just more evidence that she is right for us! 


Opting to care for a pet in our homes may come first nature for some of us and can even be somewhat of a calling for many, others must consider the commitment with careful and deep thought. Whether you often dream of fur babies or find yourself more reserved at the idea, the responsibility to care for and love a pet should not be taken lightly.  


As for us, in considering it as a responsibility, we believe it also to be quite the privilege. The laughter and joyful moments we find in being pet parents to our Daisy May are well worth it! Considering that we humans are all different, pets with their various character and personalities seem to be able to give us what we need and perhaps that should be treasured! 


In the end, rather or not you fall in love with a dachshund, or another dog breed or determine that you are a cat person or another type of pet lover; we hope you find the perfect match for you and yours! As we believe that our Daisy May is meant for us and we are meant for her.  


This is our very own Daisy May deciding on what toy she wants.



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