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How We Came to Love Dachshunds


We became the very proud dog parents of our silly, ornery, fun, cute, mischievous, sweet, messy yet perfect (she’s a little bit of everything rolled into one!) Daisy May a little more than a year ago. I had been a dog-mom to a wiener dog several years ago and it broke my heart to have lost him. So the decision to seek out our sausage ‘zoomies’ baby was well overdue and I knew it just had to be a dachshund. It just had to be one of the angels disguised as a small dog with a long body and short legs, it just had to be who ended up to be our doxie-girl! We were so expecting of her friendly, good-natured personality and high energy all wrapped up in her miniature, little hot dog type body. But what we got grew to be a small 10 pound (thinks she’s at least 80 pounds), tail wagging, not going outside to potty when its rainy or cold, barking at nothing, hilarious bundle of joy!  She makes the world a better place. Inspired in part by our Daisy May, we aim to do the same and we welcome you here; to our doxin inspired store we hope you find items that make you smile simple because they remind you of your own fur baby!  As you browse, check out our beauty station too (our take on fun items that we think you may enjoy.)

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